Friday, February 24, 2017

SHIELDS UP! Unofficial Star Trek Games House Rules

Over the past year, I've gotten a few requests from folks to publish the stat sheets as PDF files instead of just images and have added PDF links to the individual articles linked below.  I've reorganized some of the individual pages below and cleaned up the image quality on a few of the sheets now that I've gotten a bit more practice in creating the FASA-style look of the old books as well as compiled a dozen or so TOS era ships into one unofficial recognition guide.   More recently, I've been dipping my toes into the brand new Star Trek Adventures RPG game and its ship creation rules which you'll also find down below as well.  As always, thanks to the individual artists who allow me to use their images on the sheets as well as obviously CBS and Paramount for making such a great universe over the past 50 years!


Revised Firing Arcs

Sometime in the future, I also plan on adding a post with the tabletop counters to use the ships on a hex map in actual games.  On a final note, I realized when writing this that it is my 100th published post here so Happy Blog Centennial Anniversary as well!  :)  In celebration of that, I've done some minor cosmetic upgrades to a few things.


  1. Came across you work and love it! Could not find any other contact information for you so decided to leave a comment.

    My friend and I are working to fan produce a RPG source book and adventure book in the Axanar universe compatible with the FASA Star Trek The Roleplaying game line produced in the 1980's. The source book will have background info for role playing in the the Axanar Star Trek universe - character bios, ship stats, equipment, history, etc. The adventure book will be an RPG adventure or several adventures using FASA's game system within the setting & timeline of Axanar.

    We are in contact with Alec Peters with Axanar Productions, and he has given us the go ahead to put together a team to produce the two books using Axanar ships and characters.

    We are looking for artists to help with the interior art (black and white) for Characters, Ships, Equipment, Settings - planets, buildings, etc. and also an artist to do two color covers. (All FASA ST products had color covers and black and white interior art and we want to replicate that style.)

    We are also looking for someone with experience with book/page layouts. The finished product will be made available in PDF format, print on demand, or maybe also in physical book form.

    You obviously are familiar with the look and feel of the FASA Star Trek and we were wondering if you would like to participate with ship stats, diagrams, and layout? If you are interested please contact me at the email below.


    John R. Alley

  2. Thanks for the kind words! I'm definitely intrigued by this and interested but also a bit apprehensive given the recent history of litigation between Axanar and CBS/Paramount. I'll be sending an email later this weekend though!