Thursday, August 11, 2016

FASA Star Trek Bonaventure Class Cruiser Sheet

I'm still on a bit of a Star Trek high at the moment (despite a tempered reaction to Star Trek Beyond) so I decided to work on another set of ship fan rules.  First off, thanks to Mia_36 on the Wolfs Shipyard Forum for graciously allowing me the use of her art for this stat sheet.  She's got multiple versions of the ship from an NX era looking variant to a TOS to a refit design!

The Bonaventure class was introduced in the Ships of the Line Calendar as a single image (not even detailed underneath by the artist since it wouldn't be shown!) and the look definitely intrigued me.  It reminds me of a 1950's style jet fighter ala the F-86 Sabre with the hull incorporated down the midline of the saucer section making it an appropriate predecessor to the 1960's Constitution Class aesthetics.  I took some liberties in the fluff for this ship as there frankly is almost nothing official beyond that it was on the drawing boards during the Enterprise novel era (post Romulan War).  I also decided to go for a more FASA style black and white bold outline image effect as well.  So as not to keep any FASA old fogies like myself waiting (or potentially any Star Fleet Battles old Foleys either!), here is my fan take on the Bonaventure in the FASAverse.  :)  To get the full sized picture suitable for printing, right click and open the image in a new window.


Tuesday, August 2, 2016

U.S.S. Sentinel for the FASA Star Trek Combat game

Just another quick update.  I saw Star Trek Beyond this past weekend and the run up to the movie has resparked some gaming interest in the universe as well.  I busted out my Star Trek FASA game rules and books to crunch some stats and was researching the various utilities for the game online.  In that search, I came across a master model builder and talented artist named Bill Krause who came up with both schematic images as well as a incredible custom physical model ship build for his U.S.S. Sentinel design and was hooked!

I've always been more of a Next Gen person but since diving back into Star Trek earlier this year I've found myself more drawn to the earlier series (both chronologically like TOS as well as in universe like ENT).   Bill's Sentinel design (along with the much smaller Archer class scout pictured docking with it in a WIP album pic) take those classic asthetics and bring them a bit further into the modern era without losing that retro charm.  I asked Bill if I could use his image for a FASA ship workup and he graciously agreed.  One of the resources I found online was the excellent fasaststcs website which also had some jpg templates for use with the classic FASA game, one of which I used as the background for the sheet below.

Using the above, I created the below background and stats for use with the classic FASA game.   To get the full sized picture suitable for printing, right click and open the image in a new window.  Enjoy!

Note: The sheet above was updated after initial publication to include the refit design variant as well as incorporate extra information from the Starfleet Dynamics deck plans.