Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Quick update... Battlefoam has finally arrived!

It took some time but I finally got my battlefoam order.  The bag and foam are quite nice and the deal was incredible but the wait is definitely something to consider carefully if you're ordering during the traditional Christmas season sale.  I'll probably take a bit of a break from painting till I the North pdf comes out as I'm not sure which army I'll want to work on finishing next.  Pictured below is most of my completely painted/based/finished collection for the South, North, and now Nucoal.  Like most gamers, I still have alot of figures in the blister as well as needing anything from TLC or a complete stripping/repaint.  With almost 3 dozen gears if you combine the north and nucoal still needing work, I should have enough models to fill up most of those empty slots by the time the beta Heavy Gear rules hit the internet over the summer.  Likely after I take the minis out for their inaugural trip to the FLGS for a game I'll post a review for the carrying case.