Monday, June 8, 2020

Too many cooks? More 40k Lieutenants!

While it's only been a few weeks since my last update, it's been a few months since I worked on any 40k 3d model conversions after my initial attempt at a grimdark Winged Hussar was taken down.  I've still been visiting the various websites to see what others are uploading though and something piqued my interest.  There was a recent take on Krom Dragongaze (link) uploaded using the same base model by MrMcAngry (link) that I previously used for a different Blood Angel Lieutenant so I decided to tweak him into something more customized for a potential RPG character. It's not really visible below but the space wolf does have a full wolf pelt on the backside of his cape whereas the blood angel has a full bolter instead of a pistol. I hope to run a print this upcoming weekend with these two models (probably in smaller true 28mm scale rather than 40mm for primaris) so will update the thread with actual model pics if I do.  I don't plan on uploading either though to any website.

Edit:  Since initially posting, I've tweaked the model a bit more.  I shrunk the head a bit so that it would actually fit inside a helmet and also reduced the size of the axe blades a bit.  I'm a bit unsure about the latter as I've found that weapons that look "right" on a 3d model tend to be too fragile and undersized when actually printed but I'll see if that holds true this time.  Additionally, I made the pelt on his cape significantly larger as it looked like he decorated his armor with an adolescent wolf's pelt instead of a more fearsome adult's.