Monday, November 6, 2017

Attucks class, attacks! Star Trek Adventures Framework

For almost a year after seeing some excellent 1/1000 scale model conversions of the TNG Akira to both TMP and TOS versions, I attempted various methods of making a TOS era Akira ship equivalent to no avail.  I tried Neale Davidson's ship toolkits and came up with this:

I also tried converting the Sins of a Solar Empire Trek mod's 3d model of a similar ship into something more FASA like in appearance coming up with this:

Both are excellent resources but I was never really confident in the my efforts on the final FASA style appearance to put it into a sheet.  Luckily for me, I stumbled onto another Trek ship site and found Chris Freeman's much, much better take on the same subject.

Obviously there is a wide gulf in the difference in quality between my own efforts and his so I asked if I could use his decision for both FASA and Star Trek Adventures sheets and he kindly allowed me to.  It turns out that these sheets are a bit quicker to do for STA than the old FASA ones since they don't involve (relatively) labor intensive calculations and fitting them into decades old discontinued fluff so I worked on the STA version first over the weekend. 

I kept the ship true to Chris' own ideas on the class as much as possible (moreso than I'd have been able to with the FASA rules!) keeping the dates and the theme of it being a Trek carrier style ship intact.  Also, I made a few minor tweaks in the appearance and layout as well as added some explanatory text compared with my initial Sentinel prototype version (which I've also updated since) in response to some feedback.  I'm debating whether I should add in more explanatory text as well such as what the talents actually do so feedback would be appreciated. 

Update: I've finally come up with a version of the Attucks class for the FASA game as well that you can find at the link here.


  1. So do you prefer Discovery or The Orville?

  2. I'm in the US so CBS made the choice for me by locking Discovery behind a mandatory and otherwise useless paywall from which it would be drip fed out over time (unlike most bingeable streaming shows). If Discovery had been on Netflix like in the rest of the world (which I pay for along with Amazon Prime), I'd have given Discovery a chance. That said... there is alot from Discovery (the asthetics, tone, and plots) that feel generic grimdark scifi and not particularly Trek. Discovery is for all intents and purposes a complete reboot that largely ignores the prior 50 years of tv Trek despite the claims to the contrary. Orville, while far from perfect, gets that more episodic 90's Trek (TNG/DS9/VOY) feel down much more than actual supposed Trek.

    It's not that I'm opposed to reboots (I loved the Battlestar Galactica reboot on the SciFi channel) but I don't appreciate being simultaneously lied to about the content as well as feeling ripped off by a distribution method that tries to have its cake and eat it too. If CBS had just made it available in the US like in the rest of the world or better yet on commercial cable television like in Canada, I'd at least have given it a chance despite my misgivings based on the previews.