Monday, May 29, 2017

Hood Class Battlecruiser commissioned!

After eight months, Bill Krause has finished his next incredible model...namely the U.S.S. Hood battlecruiser!

Bill generously allowed me to use his images for one of my FASA stat sheets last year and I decided to try and update it in honor of the launch of the ship from his Tycho shipyard.  Some minor cosmetic changes were made on the build compared with the initial prototype images I used on my sheet and I wanted to reflect those when possible.  Scott Bell-Fleitas recently put out the official deckplans for Bill's ship through his Starship Dynamics company and also generously allowed me to adapt his updated images of the Hood as well.

While I wasn't able to follow Bill's official fluff and stats now available exactly in my FASA stat sheet, I did revise the sheet from the previous version to better reflect them.  In the FASAverse, the U.S.S. Hood has a storied and tragic history that doesn't extend out of that expanded universe timeline and I instead fit the stats to make sense within that scope.  Without further talk, here is my revised (and hopefully final!) Hood Class stat sheet for the FASA Star Trek Combat game.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Today is a good day to die! FASA Klingon D-22 Cruiser

I recently came across an intriguing link to some 50th anniversary ship files on a forum that I previously wasn't aware of.   Aridas posted a whole group of very nicely done ship designs on that forum in the style of the original Karl Franz Technical Manual art and I knew I had to ask if I could stat them up for FASA.  Luckily for me, aridas sofia was kind enough to let me use the art for my blog and sheets and I am now able to post my first non-Federation design, the D-22 Hidden Dagger light cruiser!

I have a few ground rules that I've generally kept with my ships and they became more important with this Klingon design.  The old FASA Construction Manual has a good amount of backstory detailing the history of individual Federation components but nothing of the sort for the other factions in the game.  In order not to introduce powerful systems like torpedoes or engines too early in the timeline, I personally limit myself by the earliest introduction seen in the appropriate FASA Recognition Guide.  For example, if the KCC cloaking device was first seen in the guide on a ship introduced on 2/12 in the Klingon Guide, I generally wouldn't put it on a ship introduced before that date.  The exception that I allow myself is that I can introduce a single system one year early per ship (so on 2/11 in the example above).   In the case of the D-22, the KCC cloaking device is the ship component I chose to introduce early and reflected that early inclusion in the backstory.  Without further chit-chat, here is my take on the D-22 Klingon Light Cruiser.

Klingon D-22 Light Cruiser pdf

Editor's note:  I initially called this ship class the D-12 as the designation was not taken in the FASAverse but I've been informed by knowledgeable fans that it's taken by no less than Star Trek movie canon for a Next Generation Bird of Prey variant!   With some searching, it looks like D-22 doesn't conflict with either FASA or movie canon so I've switched it to that.