Friday, February 22, 2013

Table Effects and Objectives

While there is some lively debate on the DP9 forums about how to improve the PL system and how it relates to the current objective system, I'll stay out of that topic for now in relation to my Flash! houserules as I believe it needs too drastic an overhaul for the purposes of this houserule blog (but I may change my mind at some point in the future).  Most of the below changes are just tweaks to the current Scenarios chapter in the Field Manual (pg. 24) to make them consistent with the changes presented earlier in the blog (like the electronics stat for example).  Any rules not specifically addressed below are not changed and you should use the FM rules as written.

Battle Conditions:

Roll once of the following table:
       1-3:  No additional effects.
       4:     Roll once on table effects.
       5:     Roll once on unusual events.
       6:     Roll once on both the table effects and unusual events tables.

Table Effects

1: Night:  The stealth perk is always applied.   Models not out in the open are counted as in cover one step greater for the purposes of passive/active locks (so a model in some cover is counted as in partial cover).  This is cummulative with the benefit from the hiding special action.

2: Dawn: The first two turns are treated as per the night rules above.

3: Dusk: The last two turns are treated as night. If used in conjunction with the variable time limits unusual event, the start the night conditions on turn 4.

4: Fog/Smoke: No model is considered out in the open for the purposes of cover modifiers.  Subtract 1 for every 12" of range or portion thereof to the target from the electronic stats of firing models for the purposes of active/passive locks. 

5: Storm: No model is considered out in the open for the purposes of cover modifiers.  Variable wind conditions cause a -1 penalty to attacks using IF including artillery strikes.

6: Roll a 2d6 on the above chart and reroll 6s, duplicates, or the second roll granting night, dawn, or dusk. 

Unusual Events

EM Storm:  Replace the term comm event with electronics event.


Unchanged except as follows:

Recon: The size limitation on the combat groups is change to groups of 2 or more models if using my fire team and section houserules instead of traditional Blitz squads.

Scout: Change the range limitation to 3'+ EL instead of within detect range.

Support Options: 

Remove any reference to concealment and change the term comm event to electronics event instead.  Defensive assets are considered to have an EL 0. 


  1. Have to say, you've kept yourself busy. :)

  2. Indeed. I'm trying to take a more proactive approach to things I think need fixing in blitz instead of just complaining. I'll likely be putting together a few things into an Aurora article that work with the existing rules (so my new stats and datacards are out).