Sunday, February 17, 2013

Electronic Events and Perks/Flaws

Most of the changes below aren't independent changes themselves but rather the result of my redefining concealment and the Electronics stat.  Since they're generally each individually small changes, I figure that a list would be the best format for going over them.

Since I've melded the comm stat with sensors/autocomm/detect into the new Electronics stat, change any reference you find to "comm event" in the Field Manual into "Electronics event".  Any reference to autocomm should now be 3" + EL (electronics stat) instead.  With that being said, I've looked through the rest of the FM and tried to find the individual instances that need to be changed and will list them below for completeness:

Pg. 14
Indirect Fire Deviation:  Change the distance deviated to 1d6 + MoF - EL

Pg. 17
Melee Defender Modifiers: Add maneuver rating to defender modifiers

Pg. 19
Special Actions: Change all Comm event references to EL events

Coordinated Attack: A CGL (or 2iC if the CGL is dead) may nominate the target of his successful FO with the additional effects listed under Coordinated Attack in the Field Manual at no additional action cost. While any friendly model may use the FO as per the normal rules, only models from the same fire team/section as the CGL may benefit from the coordinated attack effect.  Coordinated Attack may still be used as an independent action as written in the FM as well, gaining the benefit of working even if blocked within 3" + EL.

Hull Down Table:  1: Some Cover
                               2: Partial Cover
                               3: Full Cover
                              +1 to above if solid cover

Hiding: Consider your cover as one category better for the purposes of passive/active locks.  This action requires passive/active lock checks versus models in partial cover as long as the model stays stationary instead of the normal requirement of full cover. Models with the stealth perk can move at combat speed and still keep the benefit of hiding.

Pg. 21
ECM/ECCM:  Combine into a single stat ECM stat.  (ECM + ECCM)/2 then round off for new rating.  Opposed rolls to block EL events use EW skill +/- ( EL + ECM) modifiers for both players.  Automatic communications occur within 3" + EL instead of the previous autocomm range.

Pg. 22
Command Points: Remove the ability to fire a weapon that has already been fired in the round from any command effect that grants it.  You can still fire other weapons that did not fire previously.

Pg.36-38 (Model Perks and Flaws)
Backup Comms/Sensors:  Combine into Backup Electronics Perk which ignores one point of penalties from damage when performing using the EL stat.

CBS: Change autocomm reference to 3" + EL.

Recon Drone: Deploy within 3" + EL instead of autocomm.  Drone is considered to have EL 0 stat.  See TD changes below.

EW Homing: Replace Comm with EL.

Exposed Aux: Change comm/sensor reference to EL.

LSP: As previously posted.  Add LSP rating to opposing model's EL stat to active lock the model.

Low Profile: Subtract 1 from the opposing model's EL for purposes of active locks to detect the model.  If hull down, add one to the appopriate minimum defense value from the Hiding Table above.

Smoke: Same dimensions.  If firing through the smoke, increase the effective cover category by one for the purposes of firing modifiers and active locks (max full cover).

Stealth: As previously posted.   Divide rating by 2 and round off for new rating.  Subtract this new stealth rating from the opposing model's EL for active lock purposes.  Models with stealth may also move at combat speed without losing the benefits of the hiding action.

Target Designator: Divide the stat by 2 and round off.  The new stat can be used on a target in one progressive cover category per new rating point.  So, a new stat TD 1 can be used only on models in the open, TD 2 can be used on models in some cover, and TD 3 can be used on models in up to partial cover.

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