Friday, November 3, 2017

Sentinel Class Star Trek Adventures RPG Framework

Hey, folks!  Sorry it's been a while since my last update but alot has been going on in real life since my last update but I'm back and just in time for the release of a new Star Trek rpg.  Modiphius has come out with Star Trek Adventures which includes a section where players build the ship they're serving on.  Naturally, that part piqued my interest and Modiphius was kind enough both to release TOS and TNG era ship sheets and allow me to modify/post them here.  My FASA sheets started with my favorite TOS era ship, the Sentinel Class, and its creator, Bill Krause, was kind enough to let me use his design and images again for a second game system.

As with the FASA sheets, the Star Trek Adventures ship sheet will likely change and adapt in the future as this is my first attempt at the new format.  If I ever run a campaign of the game, I'll definitely try to steer the players towards this ship class as I plan on getting the 1/2500 and/or 1/1000 scale model of it from UGH models upon its release and already have the deck plans from Starship Dynamics!  Anyways... without further comment, here are both the ship sheet pic along with the pdf version linked below.

Blogger's Note: I've updated the above image and PDF to include full color ship images thanks to Scott Bell-Fleitas of Starship Dynamics who has kindly allowed me to once again use his images on my sheets.


  1. Do you have a form fillable one of these? Or a blank? The design is very nice

    1. Thanks! If you're looking for a completely blank one, I got the original over on the Modiphius website.

    2. Do you have a link? I dont see anything like that on Modiphious Website

    3. It looks like it's not on their website anymore but it is still up on drivethrurpg. It should be the TOS ship registry. I did tweak it a bit for my own tastes though to get what you see.

    4. Thanks! It's been a while since I looked at it and, with fresh eyes, there is another thing or two (minor) that I'd change now as well to make it a bit cleaner and flow better if I ever get back to making more trek tabletop homebrew content.