Tuesday, June 14, 2016

What squad and which variants next?

Just a quick update today.  I mostly took the weekend off but tonight I swapped out the Kodiak rocket launcher for the larger one the grizzlies have for consistency. I've also been considering what squad to build next. My general choices given the models I have on hand are general purpose, recon, and strike squads. Personally, I'm leaning towards the strike squad of Jaguars and to a lesser extent the recon squad of Cheetahs.

With the Fire Support grizzlies, the blisters were all different with vastly differing bits that couldn't be replicated easily... but that isn't necessarily the case with either the recon cheetahs or the strike squad jaguars. For both squads, I can build either four different models as I did with Fire Support squad or build a bit more optimized two pairs of two variants with some minor conversion. For instance, I have two normal cheetahs (one built), a cheetah fang and similar strike cheetah, and a white cat and similar white cat EMH. Any thoughts? I'm leaning a tiny bit towards different loadouts for the squads mainly for visual variety as opposed to a cohesive looking or mathhammered efficient force.  Any thoughts?

Finally, I'm debating how to base the models.  Initially I had planned on buying some packs of 40-50mm lipped circular bases but then realized I still had dozens of 40mm bases from Robotech that I'll probably never end up using.  The kodiak overhangs a little bit but even the fire support gears fit well enough on them.  

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