Wednesday, June 8, 2016

I think I spilled some JRPG on my models...

I worked on the second grizzly and took a few pics.  Here's the previously mentioned Destroyer Grizzly variant built and converted:

The general basis for the fig is the RAFM assault grizzly but I've upgunned the bazooka to a heavy version as well as changed the other weapons to match the current rules.  The arm is the same but the original medium bazooka had to be clipped/filed off and the new one glued on.  The end result is a bit comically huge like a JRPG weapon which I wasn't expecting but the other one was a tad too small as well (especially since it'll be the weapon on a bunch of smaller trooper gears as well).  With the larger weapon size, the position of the engine cylinders actually became an issue for posing and the one I chose is basically the most level right arm pose I could get.  The waist was angled down initially and when I put the torso on the gear always looked like he was looking for a dropped coin or his keys on the ground... so I extended the waist a bit in the front which angled the torso up just enough.  I drilled a hole in the hand and put in a pack gun and added the usual bits including the same rocket launcher.  The rockets aren't actually WYSIWIG but the new rules simplified grizzly rockets all to the same statline so shouldn't be an issue.  The original strike grizzly is supposed to have a smaller rocket on each shoulder and the destroyer probably has them on the back of the engine (they're strangely never shown in the rpg art).  I had some bits lined up for the heavy spike gun on the left forearm, a spare fragcannon, and extra head bunny ear antenna but decided to go with the modern loadouts instead.  Here's a group photo with the Rabid Grizzly...

Next up (probably tomorrow) will be the Crossbow Grizzly blister that I'll also convert into a Thunder command variant.  


  1. Great work.

    BTW: How big is the Drake next to your Grizzly? Assuming you have a Drake that is.

  2. I don't have a Drake or any gearstrider for that matter but I've been wondering the same thing. One use I've long considered for a Kodiak if I ever got one was actually using it as a Blitz scale gearstrider stand-in for my normal Northern army. The RAFM scout gears are about as tall as the current Grizzlies (but the scouts are ironically bulkier/squatter) but the differences between the classes with the Rafm gears aren't as pronounced as in Blitz (which they exaggerated even more with the plastics). I'll try and put a comparison pic next to the current normal gears at least in the next update. Dp9 came out with a northern gearstrider size comparison pic which I'll link to as well.