Thursday, June 9, 2016

RAFM Grizzly Three Amigos

The third grizzly fire support gear is built!  I decided to upgrade the third grizzly from a standard crossbow variant to a thunder command gear as well.  The change ruleswise just adds some comm boosts and a satellite uplink and must be used as the squad commander.  Modelwise, I made a few more changes in line with the old RPG art.

The assault/destroyer grizzly (bazooka guy) was supposed to have a moderately upgraded comm signified by a single bunny ear on the head in the dog.   In the current rules, the destroyer gets no such buff so I left the bunny ear off.  The thunder variant though has a full set of ears which worked out well since I now had access to two bits.  Additionally, I added a sat uplink cone to center of the backpack from my smaller scale blitz bits box.  It's technically supposed to be off to one side but that wasn't a particularly sturdy conversion so I glued it centrally instead.  Finally, the "pointy" arm looked a bit more commander-ish so I swapped it out from the Destroyer variant where I suppose it was supposed to be a sort of arm stretched out counter balance to swinging the bazooka around.

And by special request, here is a size comparison between similar Rafm and current metal Blitz scale models.  From L to R:  cheetah scout, jager/hunter trooper, jaguar elite, and grizzly fire support gears.  I don't own any gearstriders though nor any normal striders unfortunately.  

I haven't assembled my Kodiak yet but he is the next gear I tentatively had planned on building next.  I dry fitted some pieces though and I was surprised to see that, while bulkier, he isn't much bigger than standard grizzlies unlike in blitz scale.  I had been hoping to use him as the northern Scimitar gear strider (and the RAFM King Cobra similarly for the Drake) but there is a chance he might be too small!  When I finish the Kodiak, I'll try and do another comparison.

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