Saturday, June 25, 2016

RAFM Army so far...

A group shot of my force as of today.  I somewhat successfully cast a lower detail head for the third jaguar and magnetized it and a normal head for easy swapping as needed.  While it isn't as sharp as the original metals, it's better than the picture indicates.  I have to stop thinking of the groups as squads as I've been referring to them since they're not actually legal squads.  From the 10 models, I can field two legal squads out of the three strike, dragoon, and fire support options.  My next trio was intended to be Hunter variants but I think I'll hold off until the new rules come out hopefully next week.  Three of the four hunter variants I can build don't actually exist in the current rules and would require significant conversion and/or substitution.  I'm hoping some more options open up with the 2016 revision.  Alternatively, I could start working on some infantry in the meantime or even start my southern force.


  1. My advice, worth exactly what I've charge, is to run a small Swiss file over the cast head to make it look squared at the edges. The emphasis is on look.

  2. Thanks for the tip. I did file it to the best of my ability (and equipment) as well as use a hobby knife to deepen and straighten the grooves. I'll admit I had to look up what a Swiss file was and I'll see if I can get one at the local hardware store.