Saturday, November 3, 2018

Attucks Class Attacks! (part 2 FASA version)

 A while back, I came out with a blog post (link here) for the Attucks Class by M. Christopher Freeman for use with the Star Trek Adventures RPG.  Normally, I try to cover new fan ships on my blog for both that current system as well as the classic FASA games but the latter gave me a bit of a problem.  The older FASA game didn't support "fighter" style combat which is the focus of this type of "aircraft carrier in space" style ship.  I decided instead to just cover that specialization in the backstory for the class and have instead stat'ed it up as a frigate in the classic game.  For FASA RPG purposes, the ship still has a large amount of fighter shuttlepods that GMs and players can use but they won't come into play in the tabletop miniatures game.  As always, I've included the full size images below of both the ship sheet and the counters (right click and open them in a new window for the full size) as well as a PDF link.  Thanks and enjoy!


  1. Nice writeup.

    As I mentioned in Brad Torgesens' forum, I was going to say you should have troops instead of passengers, being a frigate, but the Loknar class frigate doesn't have troops either!

    I'd have liked to see your take on the Mk.I laser armed version

    1. Thanks! I actually had troops listed initially but changed it to include them as part of the crew. On modern navy ships, the aviators aren't listed separately as marines are on troop ships but rather as part of the crew so I did the same. As for passengers, I take that as a theoretical maximum of extra people that the ship can accomodate (whether that be Starfleet or civilians) and not necessarily the amount present at all times.

      I considered doing the Mk I but I've found from experience that I can only fit two columns of stats on my sheets without the font getting too small so I prioritized the early and late TOS versions instead. I do have a couple of ships (the recent Pioneer and my earlier Bonaventure classes) that do have the older laser and cannon weapon layout.