Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Tales from Terra Nova Issue 1

A while back, I posted a comic book style report of my last Heavy Gear game (which occured a while before the post too!) and mentioned that I was trying to figure out how to publish a PDF version of the complete report instead of the more disjointed single images.  In the intervening years, I've figured out how to do that thanks to my efforts with my SHIELDS UP! Star Trek house rules so I figured I'd finally post the full pdf version of my battle report.  Please note that the game took place prior to the release of the current rules so may reference mechanics no longer used in Heavy Gear in addition to my own FLASH! house rules.


  1. I'm old and don't see well no more, so to me the pictures of the teams are not large enough to recognize what's in them.

    The way I read it, it looks like there are a Northern team versus a Southern team each with two teams, but it struck me that you might be showing three teams from each faction.

    I can't remember if HG uses squads in its nomenclature, but if it does then I'd say Northern Squad: FS team, strike and GP team etc. Though it all depends on how accessible you wish to make the report.

    Nice job.

    1. Thanks! Most PDF software should be able to zoom in on the pages to help with that if you download the PDF. Whether or not it's worth it with my amateur photography skills and equipment may be another story though but it should help with model recognition.

      It is indeed three "teams" for each faction made up of 3 models per team. The battle report was using my simplified FLASH! house rules that made the army composition more suitable for skirmish level games (<10 models per side) and I used the term "team" to designate the smaller combat groups used with the rules. In proper Blitz, the terminology is indeed squads. Your eyes are better than you think since you noticed that! :)