Wednesday, August 2, 2017

That was quick... Primaris Sabres have arrived!

Since my last hobby update, I ordered and received the second Lieutenant from the Dark Imperium starter set and finished mostly converting him to a Winged Hussar as well.  I decided that he needed a sword as well and that the original sword wasn't "sabre" enough (it reminded me of a katana) for my liking so I ordered some bits off of an internation ebay seller.  The bits arrived from Europe alot quicker then I expected and I did my best impersonation of an Iron Hand apothecary tonight with some amputations.  I personally like the sharper, thinner look to the weapons as I think they look definitely less kitbashy and more like the sabres that inspired them.  I had to admit though that they are extremely thin resin pieces so both models should definitely be labeled as fragile/handle with care.  I already had to reglue last night a wing just holding a bit too tight while removing the previous mould lines. 

I'm taking my time with this to not make any rash decisions in modeling (something that happened in my previous truescale attempt as I rapidly went from step to step in the same night) but I have to admit I'm still second guessing myself a bit.  I chose the curved wings for the more serious Lt because their shape was sturdier on that model and vice versa but I think I prefer the wings the other way around.  Also, I'm considering adding on a Rondel (or Besagew) to each axilla of the champion Lt (the other model won't accommodate them due to the shape).  I had to look up the name but they're the circular discs that protect the vulnerable armpit in plate armor.

Just like before, these are just quick mockups made from slicing off the tips of left over sprue pegs and not the final bits.   If anyone has any ideas on what parts to use for the rondels or even if they shouldn't be used at all, feel free to comment below.

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