Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Armpit shields at 100%, Captain! (Winged Hussar update)

It took some time but I lucked out in that I got all the bits I needed to finish these two models and did some hobby work finally.   I was able to cut off the Blood Angel specific bits from the rondel shields and I think they fit sizewise well over the axillae.  Since this model will likely be a champion, I added on a relic bolter along with a 1mm craft jewelry chain as a shoulder strap.  I'm curious to know if anyone thinks the model looks a bit too busy with all that added on.  Finally, I did end up switching the wings on my two test models and definitely prefer this combo even if they're slightly less durable overall.  I primed the earlier model already and, at least on that model, my reglues don't look too bad after scraping off any residue nor does my gap filling attempt with the putty look too bad once painted over. 

I've also been putting more thought into my custom chapter symbols and markings.  None of my three attempts to get in contact with Plastic Soldier Company resulting in any response so using the Armoured Hussar logo is out for me as I don't know the appropriate size/measurements.  Using the polish eagle is both a bit on the nose IMO as well as would clash a bit with the aquilla as well but I may use it occasionally as a squad or campaign marking instead but definitely not on every model.  Another option I came up with would be to adapt the ravenwing icon into looking like a winged saber.  This option would be relatively free (I have a decent amount of decals from 2nd ed and up) and easy to accomplish as additional benefits on top of also being thematic.

Next up I'll finally be painting the first model as well as test fitting parts to my two lance armed honor guard models.


  1. Thanks. I like how the modelling aspect came out but I think my rusty painting skills may end up letting me down. I've half painted the primed figure posted above since this went up and I'm not entirely happy with the scheme I've come up with (or at least my attempt at it). Time and actual completion will tell though.