Friday, July 28, 2017

SHIELDS UP! Unofficial TOS Ship Recognition Manual

It's been over a year since I started making unoffficial stat sheets for the classic FASA game and I decided it was time that I combined some of the fan ships into a themed single download for ease of use.  Since Bill Krause's Sentinel is the ship that got me restarted in my Trek fandom, I couldn't think of a better cover model than her!  Thankfully, Bill was kind enough to let me use his model images again (and as a side note, one of his other fan ships is now in the 2018 Ships of the Line Star Trek Calendar!).


Included in the PDF above are eleven TOS era ships (most created by fellow fans) that I've published previously on my blog including one Romulan and one Klingon design as well as the ship counters that I recently put out. Special thanks to all the talented artists who have graciously allowed me to tweak their images (for the worse!) into the FASA style as without them I'd just have some walls of text and a few columns of stats. I'll still be publishing new unofficial fan ship sheets on the blog here in the future (and the TMP and even TOS ones that didn't make it into the first supplement will remain on the blog). If anyone tries out any of the ships on the tabletop or just has any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below. Thanks and enjoy!


  1. Clearly a labour of love. Well done.

  2. Thanks! I don't have any wild ideas about it being particularly useful given it's a fan supplement to a game that went out of print 25+ years ago but it's nice to see it all together in one spot.

  3. We FASA Trek fans will appreciate it. That's a lovely piece of work.

    And don't sell yourself short, I couldn't do this in a month of Sundays.

    You obviously know about Bryan Jeckos' site, as you have the ship template. And hopefully know about Brad Torgeresens sites, with the original FASA stats and the attendant forum?

    Database link

    Forum link

    Full of more FASA Starship Combat goodness!

    Amazing work again about the manual. Kudos to you, Sir!

    1. Definitely! I've got the site bookmarked and used it frequently as a resource before starting up my own stat sheets. I'm glad you bring it up though as I never actually clicked on the forum tab and didn't know it existed! I've seen Brad post on some of the various fasa specific groups including on some of my own posts but didn't realize that was his site. I've got some joining to do in that case, lol. :) Thanks for the kind words!

  4. You're welcome. Good work deserves praise.

    The forum was rebooted a few years back, but there is a small core of regular posters. You'll find player ship stats, House Rules, the occasional battle report, and mini pics. In fact, I've just reposted all my npics batter Photobucket broke all the links after dropping free hotlinking!

    I haven't played in quite a few years, but I've posted some of my own designs, and I still paint new minis on occasion.