Friday, June 23, 2017

The Minuteman Escort Class... ready for action!

She might be small but she packs a heck of a punch...  The Minuteman escort is a revision of one of my earlier published classes called the St. Petersburg.  In that sheet, I used a vessel from the Starfleet Museum site and converted the ship to look more like the Defiant from DS9.  Recently, I came across Peter's work on trekbbs and he actually had a TOS era Defiant design already done!

He's allowed me to use his design and even provided me with a full custom ortho graphic to convert for use on the sheet!  I took the opportunity to update both the overall look of the sheet to be more visually consistent with later efforts as well as tweak the stats to better fit in with the continuum of ships I've put out since.  This version still packs a heck of alot of firepower and is quite maneuverable but isn't as advanced or defensible as my earlier version.

As always, feel free to comment and I'd love to hear any thoughts from folks who have used any of my ships in games.


  1. Where are the phasers on the minute man? Hard to see if they are around the nacelles or on the circle part of the hull

  2. I added in the little dots next to the nacelles for the phasers whereas the torpedo tubes were under the primary saucer.

  3. Agreed and I'll pass on the compliment! Peter did a great job with translating the Defiant to TOS asthetics.