Friday, June 9, 2017

O Romeo, Romeo.. The Romeo Class Scout for FASA!

Aridas' 50th Anniversary Star Trek thread received yet another update with a slew of cool ships.  The one that stood out most for me was the Class I Corvette (the U.S.S. Juliet) and I felt that I had to make a FASA sheet for it right away!

I tweaked it visually a little bit  to better mesh with my other ships and statted it out to resemble a TOS FASA Voyager style ship.  It's a bit more well rounded than my previous small to mid sized ship which was meant to be a U.S.S. Defiant style tactical powerhouse at the expense of everything else.  As always, the pdf version link is below the image and I welcome questions or comments about the sheet.  Thanks again to the talented Aridas for yet another cool design and I can't wait to see what see what comes next!

Romeo Class Scout PDF link

Blogger's Note:  The first version of the Romeo Class kept the ad-hoc escort designation.  Upon further consideration, I decided to change it back to the original scout class.

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