Friday, June 30, 2017

SHIELDS UP! TOS Ship Counters

Instead of a new ship this week, I've decided instead to publish an unofficial game aid that my fan ships have been lacking for some time.  In order to use official ships in the game, you were supplied with punch out cardboard hex tokens for your ship in the base game and on a special page to copy and print in each of the Ship Recognition Manuals (in addition to the optional miniatures!).  I've decided to take some of my recent TOS themed ship sheets and make printable tokens for them as well.

Initially, I made them 1" hex counters but then I saw they were actually smaller than the official ones by 1/8th of an inch so resized them.  In order to print the images below to scale, just expand the image horizontally to the full size of the page in portrait mode.  For the pdf version linked below, simply printing it out normally should do the trick.  To save folks printer ink, I decided also to do a version of the counters with a white background as well.  Enjoy!

P.S.  For particularly observant readers, you'll see an (as of the time of writing) unknown ship in the sheet in addition to the two destroyed ship markers I included.  Just consider it a sneak preview of the next ship in my TOS series.  :)

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