Sunday, June 9, 2019

Lt. Amulius Completed (Primaris WInged Hussar Conversion)

Well, I've completely finished my first Winged Hussar Primaris marine!  I've been working on various marines over the past year as part of that extended project but I never decided on a basing scheme so they were never technically 100% finished on their naked black bases.  The Lieutenant Amulius model comes with a texted base as part of the model so I couldn't procrastinate my way past this model like I did with the others.

I tried to consciously do a better job with this model as I don't currently have plans to make any further Winged Hussars at the moment since I'm running short of bits as well as sculpts that inspire me (although I reserve the right to add more in the future!).  I was frankly embarrased at some of my efforts in the past year (especially the faces) so I tried to better catch mistakes before it was too late.  I'll expand on that in the next post as I don't want to add a mini rant on aging in the hobby with this post.  With this model, I took close up pictures after my initial painting and first wash steps to improve on tiny spill over painting mistakes.  Just looking at the animated gif above, I missed a few of them (one that I can correct at least on the backpack) but I think the model shows some moderate improvement compared with my previous efforts.  I resized the image above for animation but here are the full static views below.

There are things that looking at the images after the fact could have been improved upon though.  I'm not entirely happy with the Polish eagle decal placement on the leg but it was a last minute and fiddly change as it initially was placed on the knee instead.  Unfortunately due to the curvature, I couldn't get it to sit right even with a strategic cut and some decal softener so had to remove (and ruin) that decal with a second one placed below.  It looks like it rode up a bit (or perhaps I just didn't see the placement correctly with my vision... more on that in my next blog post) higher than I would have liked but whats done is done.  There are a few other paint missteps that are visible zoomed in (one or two of which I can correct but not all) as well.  As always, feel free to comment/criticize below.


  1. Nice job, but I think you've overdone the whites of the eyes. It makes him look like Godzilla, though that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

  2. Thanks. The eyes are 100% of the feedback I'm getting on the model. Difficulty with that specifically is what I alluded to with the comment about my next post being a rant about aging in the hobby. Sadly, that might be the best that I can do as it took a half dozen paint over attempts just to get that and that was with magnifying reading glasses. I might try fixing the left one but I'm afraid that after the overcoat that I'll obliterate detail with too many layers.

  3. Here's a suggestion how to do it.

    1. Paint a white horizontal stripe (natch you've already got one).

    2. Paint a black/brown or blue brown vertical stripe down the middle (you always see more iris than white-look in a mirror).

    3. Paint flesh for eyelids, keep it simple, smaller eyes are better than bigger ones.

    1. Thanks. I'll try the black vertical stripe. So far I've been trying to do a single dot to avoid the Sigurd Snake in the Eye side effect that I initially got and is still partly visible on the left eye. Another tip that I've gotten is to use a dark tone in the whole eye socket first to give it a starting eyeshadow/liner effect before adding the white. I've always done a softer flesh wash there but never pooled a darker black wash in the eyes as a starter. I have to admit that I'd never have expected to be so concerned with Space Marine make up tutorials just a few days ago. :)

  4. Lovely paintjob! I've linked your work in my article about Amulius

  5. Thanks for the kind words and the link! I'll go check it out.