Friday, September 27, 2013

Northern Army and Cityscape Terrain Update

Not really a southern update specifically but I did finish my Northern OpFor force that I plan to have face my primary southern army in any demos. The exact make up of the squads as well as the squads themselves is still in flux but pictured here is the initial loadout I worked on. The following are full Blitz sized Veteran GP, Strike, and FS squads with an infantry platoon for variety. I got the army mostly painted except for a few figs that I had to match to the existing scheme (as well as fix dozens of paint chips, breaks, and simply missing parts that the guy didn't include). Thanks to Azure Devil on the dp9 forums for helping me out with some AGMs bits that were missing!  I'll likely never know why the guy removed the MFM bits from all the Grizzlies as he didn't actually model a different variant but they were missing as well and I had to get them from another source among other bits.

Picture below is part of my cityscape cardboard terrain set dressed up with a few extras like trees and roadblocks. I recently commented on HG terrain density so figured I'd post here and see what people thought about this. The set below is a 3'x4' table using 4/5 of the buildings included in one cityscape set (and 1/2 the floor tiles as it comes with 4'x6'). I like the density below except for right in the front of the pic (and it's mirror spot on the other side) but feel it would be a bit too sparse on a full 4x6 table (basically double the space below). I do plan on adding a few n-scale plastic cars as well to liven up the city additionally.  I feel 3x4 should be an adequate play space for up to 1000TV which can go a long way with my fire team smaller squad house rules.

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