Saturday, August 10, 2013

My Visigoths (and entire Army) are now finished!

Well, I've gone and done it.. I've finally finished my southern army yet again. I finished up the tanks this weekend and taken a few glamour shots (hey, might as well call it like it is!) of the whole force. I ran out of my Ogryn Flesh Wash on my gears just before I decided to buy the Visigoths and had to get a pot of the new replacement, Reikland Fleshshade. I've used GW's new washes over the past year while finishing my Space Marine army and I can say without a doubt that I don't like the new formulations. They don't "flow" properly (or at least how I am used to washes doing) and dry on flat surfaces as splotchy messes. I've tried three colors over the past year and had the same issue, including with the Visigoth tanks. I had to do light but heavy dry brushing to cover up some of the splotches (very little paint but with alot of brush pressure) and I'm okay overall with the results.

With these two tanks, I've officially run out of space in my Heavy Gear carrying case. Barring some drastic change in the future like another army book coming out for the South, my army is pretty much done. I've still got an allied NuCoal force still NIB that I'll start if I ever find a local opponent to play against. In the meantime, here is the re-finished army on a part of the city scape terrain. It's just shy of 4000TV that can be fielded as a PL3 Spec Ops Regiment and a PL4 Gear Regiment.

Paratrooper Cadre, General Purpose Cadre, and Fire Support Cadre along with one of the Visigoths and an HRP Support Option Turret

Two Strike Squads, Airstrike markers, and a Fire Support Cadre

Second General Purpose and Fire Support Cadres, Visigoth and HRP Turret along with a Black Ops Cadre


  1. Very impressive! You've inspired me to paint some more of my Southern Army today!

  2. Thanks! So your blog is back on again then?

  3. Matt, any chance that you have Dropzone Commander infantry figs in your collection? If so, could you post some pics of them next to the HG ones you painted up? I'm considering buying the DZC plastic starter when it comes out and am curious if the infantry there as close enough in scale to pull some duty as HG infantry.

    1. Hey, I used to have UCM Snipers, Legionaries and Praetorians (I was going to use them as para infantry in a Northern army I was thinking about doing) but got bored of them and put them on eBay. They're about 1-2mm shorter than the older Heavy Gear infantry figures I have (so closer to 10mm than 12mm).

  4. Thanks for the quick update. I may still end up getting the starter (more for heavy gear purposes) and try selling off the scourge minis. I can use some of the UCM stuff for HG like the infantry and APCs as I think the HG infantry can be a tiny bit smaller without too much effect... of course I'm saying that as a player who has never actually seen HG infantry in the current scale in person so take it with a grain of salt.