Monday, April 22, 2013

Robotech Kickstarter in progress!

While I'm not a fan of Palladium and some of the rather dubious choices they've made over the past 15 years, I am an unabashed fan of Robotech and Palladium is running a Kickstarter for the upcoming Robotech minis game.  The first era covered will be Macross and the kickstarter runs to May 20th and the initial rush funded the first goal in less than three hours.  Long live the 80's childhood nostalgia!   :)



  1. Nostalgia indeed! I became familiar with the Robotech designs through Battletech and the 3025 Technical Readout. I don't think it's a very generous Kickstarter, to me it seems quite expensive for a bunch of plastic miniatures the designs of which are about 30 years old! I'll stick to Heavy Gear for my mecha fix!

  2. While I agree that the designs are indeed 30 years old, these particular sculpts are not so it doesn't make it any cheaper to cast or create them with 3d software. Also, they've apparently stood the test of time quite nicely if the hubbub from battletech fans is any indication. I could see someone who never watched robotech being a bit underwhelmed by the overall look though.

    As for price, I'd definitely disagree and was surprised that they're offering so much in the starter. 30+ minis for $80? That's a little over $2.50 USD per mini and they're both cheaper and larger than a space marine and definitely much less expensive and larger than even recon Heavy Gear minis that are $8 USD each. The only one I see that is overpriced is the MAC II they just added as a stretch goal. That one should be around $30 but it's a popular model so they're milking it via price and stretch goal for all its worth.

  3. It just goes to illustrate that value is very much a subjective thing! There's some close ups of the figures and some musings here:

    1. The man you mention also happens to be a very frequent poster in the Infinity: The Game forums, Matt. Reading his review made me muse over the possibilities, but I gave my own thoughts on my blog.

      80's childhood nostalgia... is there such a thing as 'turn-of-the-millenium' nostalgia?

  4. Can we get a HG Plastics kickstarter already?

  5. Yeah, that would indeed be nice. IMO, they need to really think that through and coordinate it as a much bigger project like a starter with a new edition of the rules instead of just coming out with something with a plastic GP squad box for each army. My interest in Robotech doesn't mean replace my interest in HG and I'd prefer if both of them were kickstarter successes in the future. Reboot the minis, reboot the rules, and reboot the fluff (preferably to maybe an early post 1st invasion period)... no halfway steps.

    HG needs a Scifi Channel Battlestar Galactica reboot and not the continuation of the old series that Richard Hatch was lobbying for. Coordinating something like that to release with the new visuals in the upcoming videogame (assuming it gets funded) would be a great idea.