Thursday, April 4, 2013

Aurora 7.2 and Gear Up! 6 updates...

Gear Up 6 has finally arrived and has changed a few things in Blitz so I thought it might be a good idea to go over the changes as they relate to my Flash! houserules.  The options presented there for upgrading the maneuver rating of Fire Support gears to 0 in various armies would be covered under my variant Fire Support Survivability rule (see right in the table of contents under optional).  Blitz has also officially limited CP refiring of weapons to just limited ammo and melee trait weapons but I don't think that goes far enough.  I considered removing my Flash! limitation of NO weapons being allowed to refire but have instead decided to keep it as is.  Also, the minimum range under the Minimum Range trait (a horrible combination of terms!) half optimal from a flat 8" has no additional effect in Flash!. 

As I didn't get the opportunity to play a demo game this past Easter weekend, I don't have too much to add at the moment.  I'm hoping to test a larger sized game (800tv) as the primary variable and the revised active/passive lock rules as a secondary one in the next game.

Finally, the Flash! combat group houserules got published in the latest issue 7.2 of Aurora, the quarterly DP9 fanzine.  The example army list format didn't turn out correctly as I had hoped due to formating but I'm glad the article was accepted nonetheless.

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