Sunday, December 29, 2019

Dialing in the size and resolution... Rising Son V3.0!

I had some time this weekend and decided to asymetrically resize the same pose and support structure and reprint the model at 50 microns.  I fully admit that this was the easy way out but I figured I'd give it a shot to check out the proportions as well as the more typical 50 micron layer height that I normally print at.  At about 6 1/2 hours print time, I'd personally say that the detail and the proportions compared with the official primaris marine are both pretty good though there is a softness on certain parts of the face and aquilla on the more recent print compared with the previous one.  We still didn't have any real direct sunshine to speak of with another pair of rainy days so the resin remains a bit rubbery (and wet from the water rinse in the case of the newest print as I took the pics right after!) so it's still a bit hard to make out the details in the pics.  After some post curing, it'll be off to painting for the smaller RPG scale and correct scale marine but I think I'll leave the primarch scale print as is.  Now I just need to find out what paint scheme I intend to use.  I'll definitely do a base of gloss black but I'm not sure of what color highlights and details that I'll end up using.


  1. Have been away from the blog for a nearly a month, and look, you have not only designed a new marine, but printed three variants as well!

    This guy is great, and I look forward to seeing how he looks painted.

    You have mentioned lack of sun a few times... have you thought of getting a UV cure light? My understanding is that they are fairly cheap.

    1. Oh and as for paint, I have always liked the black/green/gloss look for samurai style armor. The best part is that you have two miniatures to work on... (also the worst part!)

  2. Thanks! I hadn't thought about green but was thinking more of dark grey and metallic but I could imagine an emerald pattern would look very nice as well. The alternate that I found searching online was a red pattern with black accents. I realized after my last post that I have two printed models and that I could actually test out both so I've primed one red and the other black.