Friday, March 10, 2017

Anton.. I mean Reliant.. No, Miranda Class!

Here is one fan's completely unofficial take on melding the various official canon (both original and earlier retconned) for the Reliant with that of FASA... and a bit of fanfilm and modelling inspiration added to boot!   The history of this class is even more muddy according to the Trekyards episode on it but I've limited myself to the above sources.  I tried making the fan film Miranda class the "missing link" between FASA and current canon in stats to go along with the looks.  Thanks again to Bill Krause for allowing me to use his images for my sheets.  He originally came up with the 3-view image of the Miranda class for fellow model maker Dave Lewis.

I decided to make the ship somewhere between the Anton and the Enterprise in its respective variants in terms of overall power incorporating systems from both.  Without further chitchat, here is my take on the Miranda Class frigate for the old FASA game.

As always, questions/comments/corrections are welcome. 

Editor's Note:  The intial version of this that I posted was classified as a cruiser but I have reclassified it as a frigate.  Upon further research, one of the original classifications for the Reliant was as an "Avenger Class Heavy Frigate".  I've decided to partially reflect that in the FASA stat sheet as well.


  1. Love it! I always enjoy your write-ups. Will you please do some Klingon ships and maybe even some obscure vessels?

    1. Thanks! I appreciate it. My write ups are pretty much dependent on other folks art so my Klingon choices are limited sadly. Most fan art (I always get permission directly from the artist before using art) is Federation I focus on those. I've gotten permission from MacrossMartin to use his D-10 refit but I'm trying to get at least a pair of designs before I start a Klingon stat sheet invasion of the blog.