Sunday, January 15, 2017

Star Trek Archer Scout Class Deck Plans

Over Christmas, I got some deck plans as a gift for one of my favorite Star Trek TOS era ships, the Archer Class scout.   After a particularly disastrous gift giving Christmas season during whichu pretty much half the gifts ended up being returned, my cousin and I decided to coordinate a list of niche gifts for ourselves and parents to avoid repeats.  As a scifi fan and gamer, naturally my list was populated by those types of gifts and the deck plans were right on the top.

At first glance, I thought they were a bit expensively priced but after seeing them in person I think they're absolutely worth it given the quality and effort put into it.   The detail is crisp on the legal sized paper print outs so no one is penny pinching on printer ink with these!  There were a fair amount of sheets as well with multiple views and cutaways of each section.  I especially liked the detail put into both illustrating each section of the ship as well as labelling the with the handy legend.  Finally, I was pleasantly surprised that the author/creator put them in a comic book style bag and board to prevent damage.   If I ever win the lottery and start up my own Star Trek fan film production, I'll definitely be using these plans as the basis for the scout ship sets!  :)

 On a final note, the author has recently put a date on the next set of plans I was looking forward to, namely the U.S.S. Sentinel.  Bill Kraus' Sentinel design is easily my favorite Star Trek fan ship and was the first one that I stat'ed up for one of my custom FASA sheets.  I'm definitely looking forward to that set of plans and am anxious to see what he and Bill came up with for the interior layout of the ship. 

No pressure though....  :)



  1. Was all ready to buy some of these plans, disappointing to find out that they are only available in the US

  2. That sucks but I do understand it from the standpoint of a US seller. The US Postal Service doesn't offer any tracking outside of the US even if foreign postal services have it which paypal requires for insurance... yet they offer it in reverse for a fraction of the cost. I bought something on ebay and got a tracking number from China and was able to track it door to door for around 1/4th what I'd have to pay to ship it across town.

  3. Understandable under those circumstances, I'll just have to keep an eye out for a second hand copy on ebay.