Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Star Trek Sentinel Class Refit (FASA)

      When I posted my first FASA stat sheet, I was asked on another site whether or not there would be a refit variant.  At the time, my answer was no since the designer, Bill Krause, didn't make one up.  Over time, the idea grew on me and I decided to ask him if I could tweak his images to include a refit version of the Sentinel class with a bit more TMP design aesthetics.  He graciously allowed me to do so and even gave me a few pointers when working on the design.  I'm not an artist so this is mainly just a tweak of his existing design mixed with bits from his Shangri-la class.  In any case, here is the modified (yet again!) Sentinel Class cruiser for the FASA Star Trek Starship Combat game updated in the original post.

For anyone wondering just how big this fast attack/light cruiser is compared with the much more familiar U.S.S. Enterprise variants of the same era, here is a size comparison using the original FASA art that I'm trying to emulate.

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