Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Autumn Update

Sorry about the big break in posting but frankly I haven't had much hobby progress to report.  I'm largely done with my Tau Farsight ally force except for two Remora drones and the rumors of an upcoming codex this past summer put a hold on future purchases until I could see the new rules.  The rumors are now fact as two of the new upcoming models have started to get official previews so I'll revisit my Tau again in a few weeks to see how/if I can use the Remoras as something official from the codex.

In the meantime, those sneaky Brits came out with another nice game that caught my eye and scratched an itch I didn't know I still had for over a decade.  Halo Fleet Battles came out and the minis were nice and I've been a longtime fan of the universe (games and books).  The price point for a starter is a bit high but I got a good trade done for the game with my existing pile o' shame.  I did some quick initial test pieces to see how my ideas for a paint scheme would work.  I planned to do the Covenant in a new Tron style look whereas the UNSC would be a rather typical two tone grey.  Both would use my left over Robotech decals.

The tron scheme turned out to be alot harder to pull off than I initally thought without an airbrush.  The yellow in the pic is actually alot brighter in person (crappy picture lighting) but I do think I overdid the decals on the ship.  The UNSC bigger ships would get more edge highlighting than shown above (the ships there are 1-1.5" long... tiny!).  I hope to get at least my UNSC initial fleet assembled and painted up in the weeks to come.  Hopefully, in the meantime, I'll find an opponent to actually play against!

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