Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Quick update... Battlefoam has finally arrived!

It took some time but I finally got my battlefoam order.  The bag and foam are quite nice and the deal was incredible but the wait is definitely something to consider carefully if you're ordering during the traditional Christmas season sale.  I'll probably take a bit of a break from painting till I the North pdf comes out as I'm not sure which army I'll want to work on finishing next.  Pictured below is most of my completely painted/based/finished collection for the South, North, and now Nucoal.  Like most gamers, I still have alot of figures in the blister as well as needing anything from TLC or a complete stripping/repaint.  With almost 3 dozen gears if you combine the north and nucoal still needing work, I should have enough models to fill up most of those empty slots by the time the beta Heavy Gear rules hit the internet over the summer.  Likely after I take the minis out for their inaugural trip to the FLGS for a game I'll post a review for the carrying case.


  1. Did you get a custom loadout of trays? If so, that might explain the delay. I picked up the regular bag and tray set on the Black Friday sale and it got to me (overseas) by the end of the year.

    Honestly, I was not terribly impressed with the foam. The bag is great! Well made, sturdy, and other than the side pockets being a touch too small for the mini rulebooks and my dice box, I had no issues with it.

    The foam, on the other hand, I am only using about 1/3 of. I am going to have to take a look at what you put where, because I can not figure out what is supposed to go in the slots they provide. My primary issue is that the sheets are not thick enough, I end up with parts from dynamic poses sticking out of the allowed space. Its not an impossible problem, but for a standard loadout, I thought they could of done better. I posted a review to that effect on their page.

    Certainly worth the cost on sale, which covered shipping. I will be back in AZ in a month or so, I might have to see about picking up some custom trays.

  2. Yeah, I haven't tried yet to use the side pockets but making the small ones big enough for the rulebook out at the time would have been a good idea. That said... there are alot of spaces for books elsewhere so I'm not too worried. The space is a bit tight inside and I'd be hesitant to put the big FIF book anywhere but the outside pocket. That's one of the things I haven't tested out yet though.

    As for the foam, I'll have to take a look later today what sizes of slots I used for each and can post them if you like. Some of the more dynamic poses like my converted Support Cobras stick out despite the bigger slots and 2" foam but in general they're alright. I went with three slot sizes after measuring a few of my gears...

    small ones are for hunters/jaegers and recon gears
    medium ones for bigger gears like Jaguars, Mambas, and Sidewinders
    large ones for support gears like Cobras and Grizzlies

    I don't have my Chasseur MKIIs assembled so I don't know where they'll fit but I suspect the bigger slots due to all the back thrusters (despite their actual appendages being Jaeger sized).