Thursday, July 20, 2017

New Hobby Project... 40k Primaris Winged Hussars!

I've taken a long break from doing actual physical hobby work with about a year's worth of pure house rules on my blog is testament to that.  While I'm not keen on the way the Primaris marines were introduced in the background, I rather do like the basic Intercessor figs themselves.  I've made numerous truescale attempts here in the past from deathwatch to space wolves to even primarchs  so it didn't come as a suprise to me that I liked the IMO better proportioned primaris models.  At first I thought of restarting my old Space Wolf truescale project with the new primaris models but there are folks that I've found that are doing that much better than I'd ever be able to (like this and this).  Additionally, I wanted to try something new as well which only cemented my decision.  Instead, I decided to revisit an idea that I ten years ago regarding making a custom chapter of Winged Hussar space marines.  Winged Hussars were a Renaissance era heavy cavalry unit for the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth named after the prominent feathers attached to frames on their back.  They wore suits of plate armor and were equipped with lances and sabres.

 When I came up with the idea years ago, the only readily available bits in 28mm 40k scale were the Dark Angel Ravenwing bits which were too large for infantry figures (but were a good size for the 54mm Inquisitor Artemis figure that was also a brief resurrection of the idea for me a few years ago).   Since then, 3rd party bits makers like Maxmini and Puppetswar have produced compatible "wings" and other accessories (especially Puppetwar as they're based in Poland) but they were a bit too scifi for the asthetic I was going for.  Recently, I found some smaller scale historical kits from European manufactures that might fit better both asthetically and sizewise.  I picked up two of the sword wielding Primaris Lieutenants with the goal of making a Winged Hussar character.  Working from that basic figure, I swapped out the power sword for a custom built sabre made from a heat curved Grey Knight sword with an old chainsword pommel.  Additionally, I trimmed down a small tabard and added it to the figure.  Regarding the actual wings, the Zvezda kit that I got comes with two types, one straight and one curved.  I blu-tac test fitted both as picture below as I'm not sure which one I'll choose (although I'm leaning towards the straight variety).

The plastic on the wings is definitely different that GW style polystyrene as it is glossy and more brittle and reminds me a bit more of the Robotech RPG Tactics plastic.  I'm test fitting some of the sprue bits with my Testors plastic glue to make sure them work.  Some other (expensive for one fig!) ideas I'm thinking about is getting some of the Puppetwars Hussar sabres and Cossack heads to give the model even more of a customized look.

They do have hussar specific helmets but I'm not sure of the size and not frankly particular to their look either.  Thanks for reading and if anyone has any comments or advice then feel free to share.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Atlas Class Battleship.. err... I mean Dreadnought!

I came across this design a while back when it was introduced in Star Trek Online game.  I thought the original designer, Hector Ortiz, came up with a very cool use of a faux quad nacelle design and figured it might be a good addition to the FASA lineup as a TOS era battleship (since they don't have dreadnoughts in the FASAverse technically).  Since I haven't gotten the ship in game yet myself, I decided to look for some fan art online that I could possibly use.  Eventually, I found anotherthing's thingiverse page on which he had posted 3d printing files for the ship under CC license!

The parts were split up like legos for each home printing but I was able to put some of them together and then combine the screenshots to a cohesive ship that I was then able to embellish and FASAify.  For the stats, I debated just how powerful I should make this and whether or not I should break the construction rules and/or come up with my own equipment.  In the end, I decided to use the rules exactly as written but introduced the FWF-1 engine three years earlier than stated in the fluff.  To further show the "prototype" nature of the engines, I gave them the less efficient 5/1 movement value instead of the improved 4/1 stats the later Constitution Mk III has.  In the fluff, trinary shields at that point in time are available but unacceptably (for Starfleet at least) unrealiable compared with their less efficient binary counterparts.  There is no "reliability" stat in FASA so I bumped up the superstructure by a few points (which I had been planning to do regardless as a battleship) until the ship was class XII which lowered the max shield value compared with other heavy cruisers that would later use the same system.

In any case, here is the final product that hopefully is worthwhile to use within its own niche.  As always, the PDF link is below the image version of the sheet and feel free to comment.

Friday, June 30, 2017

SHIELDS UP! TOS Ship Counters

Instead of a new ship this week, I've decided instead to publish an unofficial game aid that my fan ships have been lacking for some time.  In order to use official ships in the game, you were supplied with punch out cardboard hex tokens for your ship in the base game and on a special page to copy and print in each of the Ship Recognition Manuals (in addition to the optional miniatures!).  I've decided to take some of my recent TOS themed ship sheets and make printable tokens for them as well.

Initially, I made them 1" hex counters but then I saw they were actually smaller than the official ones by 1/8th of an inch so resized them.  In order to print the images below to scale, just expand the image horizontally to the full size of the page in portrait mode.  For the pdf version linked below, simply printing it out normally should do the trick.  To save folks printer ink, I decided also to do a version of the counters with a white background as well.  Enjoy!

P.S.  For particularly observant readers, you'll see an (as of the time of writing) unknown ship in the sheet in addition to the two destroyed ship markers I included.  Just consider it a sneak preview of the next ship in my TOS series.  :)

Friday, June 23, 2017

The Minuteman Escort Class... ready for action!

She might be small but she packs a heck of a punch...  The Minuteman escort is a revision of one of my earlier published classes called the St. Petersburg.  In that sheet, I used a vessel from the Starfleet Museum site and converted the ship to look more like the Defiant from DS9.  Recently, I came across Peter's work on trekbbs and he actually had a TOS era Defiant design already done!

He's allowed me to use his design and even provided me with a full custom ortho graphic to convert for use on the sheet!  I took the opportunity to update both the overall look of the sheet to be more visually consistent with later efforts as well as tweak the stats to better fit in with the continuum of ships I've put out since.  This version still packs a heck of alot of firepower and is quite maneuverable but isn't as advanced or defensible as my earlier version.

As always, feel free to comment and I'd love to hear any thoughts from folks who have used any of my ships in games.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Shield of the Federation... The mighty Repulse Class Destroyer!

Just on the heels of producing the finished U.S.S. Hood, Tycho Shipyards (a.k.a. modelmaker Bill Krause) pulled triple shifts in order to also complete yet another ship, the Repulse heavy destroyer, in record time.  Bill went from a basic frame to finished model in just over two weeks in order to be able to display the model at the Wonderfest 2017 convention in early June.  You can follow his remarkable progress at the modelling thread linked further below.  Obviously, this puts my own pace at finishing my single Tau broadside and dozen or so Rafm gears to shame.  Here is a pic of the finished product that frankly I suspect many people will think is a CGI 3D model screen cap instead of an LED lit physical one.

This is the first of Bill's models that I've followed since the planning stages and it was nice to see it coming together and the changes made in relative real time with his posts.  He graciously allowed me to use the images for my sheets as with previous models and even gave me some insider info on the dimensions and official stats of the class.  I've tried to follow them as much as I could within the bounds of the FASA rules while still keeping the class distinct from other ships (including another destroyer that I have planned).  Whereas Bill's Sentinel light cruiser is a graceful and advanced rapier, I made the Repulse a dependable and durable heavy destroyer in the stats.  I hope you guys and gals enjoy and as always let me know if you find any mistakes or have any questions/comments/criticisms.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Pride of the Star Navy... the Romulan V-10 Nighthawk for FASA!

A while back I came across the many designs of Atolm over on trekbbs but one of his earlier designs for a Romulan warbird I found elsewhere really caught my eye.

I really like that this was a hybrid style design incorporating the traditional TOS warbird shape but adding the later, more detailed features like decorative hull plating instead of a bird decal.  In the FASA body of work, the Romulans relatively quickly go from light cruisers and scouts of class of class V-VII to heavy cruisers topping the scales at class X-XII with not much inbetween when the actual transition is made.  I decided to make the V-10 Nighthawk the "missing link" in the Romulan Star Navy's arsenal.  This was also my first attempt at style digital "tracing" of traditional artwork to make it look more like the FASA style used on my previous sheets.  My efforts in MSPaint are crude compared with Bryan's but hopefully they still work well enough.  :)  As always, I wouldn't have anything to post without the art that I'm graciously allowed to use so special thanks to Atolm for letting me use his designs!

Friday, June 9, 2017

O Romeo, Romeo.. The Romeo Class Scout for FASA!

Aridas' 50th Anniversary Star Trek thread received yet another update with a slew of cool ships.  The one that stood out most for me was the Class I Corvette (the U.S.S. Juliet) and I felt that I had to make a FASA sheet for it right away!

I tweaked it visually a little bit  to better mesh with my other ships and statted it out to resemble a TOS FASA Voyager style ship.  It's a bit more well rounded than my previous small to mid sized ship which was meant to be a U.S.S. Defiant style tactical powerhouse at the expense of everything else.  As always, the pdf version link is below the image and I welcome questions or comments about the sheet.  Thanks again to the talented Aridas for yet another cool design and I can't wait to see what see what comes next!

Romeo Class Scout PDF link

Blogger's Note:  The first version of the Romeo Class kept the ad-hoc escort designation.  Upon further consideration, I decided to change it back to the original scout class.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Primaris Marine Coloring Book

Just a quick update.  About a week or so ago, Games Workshop came out with a custom heraldry guide pdf for their new line of Primaris Space Marines for the upcoming 8th edition of Warhammer 40,000.  To make it a bit easier to use for lazy folks like myself, I cleaned it up by making it "watertight" instead of gothic motheaten so that you can just one click fill paint a part in free programs like the Paint app/MSPaint program that comes with windows and not have it bleed through to another.  Enjoy and thanks to GW for coming out with the guide in the first place and BOLS for converting it to the image that I subsequently cleaned up!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Hood Class Battlecruiser commissioned!

After eight months, Bill Krause has finished his next incredible model...namely the U.S.S. Hood battlecruiser!

Bill generously allowed me to use his images for one of my FASA stat sheets last year and I decided to try and update it in honor of the launch of the ship from his Tycho shipyard.  Some minor cosmetic changes were made on the build compared with the initial prototype images I used on my sheet and I wanted to reflect those when possible.  Scott Bell-Fleitas recently put out the official deckplans for Bill's ship through his Starship Dynamics company and also generously allowed me to adapt his updated images of the Hood as well.

While I wasn't able to follow Bill's official fluff and stats now available exactly in my FASA stat sheet, I did revise the sheet from the previous version to better reflect them.  In the FASAverse, the U.S.S. Hood has a storied and tragic history that doesn't extend out of that expanded universe timeline and I instead fit the stats to make sense within that scope.  Without further talk, here is my revised (and hopefully final!) Hood Class stat sheet for the FASA Star Trek Combat game.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Today is a good day to die! FASA Klingon D-22 Cruiser

I recently came across an intriguing link to some 50th anniversary ship files on a forum that I previously wasn't aware of.   Aridas posted a whole group of very nicely done ship designs on that forum in the style of the original Karl Franz Technical Manual art and I knew I had to ask if I could stat them up for FASA.  Luckily for me, aridas sofia was kind enough to let me use the art for my blog and sheets and I am now able to post my first non-Federation design, the D-22 Hidden Dagger light cruiser!

I have a few ground rules that I've generally kept with my ships and they became more important with this Klingon design.  The old FASA Construction Manual has a good amount of backstory detailing the history of individual Federation components but nothing of the sort for the other factions in the game.  In order not to introduce powerful systems like torpedoes or engines too early in the timeline, I personally limit myself by the earliest introduction seen in the appropriate FASA Recognition Guide.  For example, if the KCC cloaking device was first seen in the guide on a ship introduced on 2/12 in the Klingon Guide, I generally wouldn't put it on a ship introduced before that date.  The exception that I allow myself is that I can introduce a single system one year early per ship (so on 2/11 in the example above).   In the case of the D-22, the KCC cloaking device is the ship component I chose to introduce early and reflected that early inclusion in the backstory.  Without further chit-chat, here is my take on the D-22 Klingon Light Cruiser.

Klingon D-22 Light Cruiser pdf

Editor's note:  I initially called this ship class the D-12 as the designation was not taken in the FASAverse but I've been informed by knowledgeable fans that it's taken by no less than Star Trek movie canon for a Next Generation Bird of Prey variant!   With some searching, it looks like D-22 doesn't conflict with either FASA or movie canon so I've switched it to that.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Anton.. I mean Reliant.. No, Miranda Class!

Here is one fan's completely unofficial take on melding the various official canon (both original and earlier retconned) for the Reliant with that of FASA... and a bit of fanfilm and modelling inspiration added to boot!   The history of this class is even more muddy according to the Trekyards episode on it but I've limited myself to the above sources.  I tried making the fan film Miranda class the "missing link" between FASA and current canon in stats to go along with the looks.  Thanks again to Bill Krause for allowing me to use his images for my sheets.  He originally came up with the 3-view image of the Miranda class for fellow model maker Dave Lewis.

I decided to make the ship somewhere between the Anton and the Enterprise in its respective variants in terms of overall power incorporating systems from both.  Without further chitchat, here is my take on the Miranda Class frigate for the old FASA game.

As always, questions/comments/corrections are welcome. 

Editor's Note:  The intial version of this that I posted was classified as a cruiser but I have reclassified it as a frigate.  Upon further research, one of the original classifications for the Reliant was as an "Avenger Class Heavy Frigate".  I've decided to partially reflect that in the FASA stat sheet as well.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Malibu Jaguars... with new hat!

Yes, I opened up a blog post with a classic Simpsons reference as it seemed appropriate.  Recently, I sold some Heavy Gear Rafm minis to Ashley over at the Paint it Pink blog and she was kind enough to include a Fire Jaguar head in with the lot so that I'd have matching hats/heads for my Jaguar squad.  When I was assembling my RAFM gears last year, I found out that I had a mispack or missing parts rate of one in three sealed blisters.  As a result of that terrible QA back in the 1990's, my Jaguars all had mismatched heads unfortunately (along with a mispacked Hunter backpack as well).  I did the best that I could in trying to get a cohesive look for the small squad of three gears and ended up press moulding a Fire Jaguar head to match the two that I had.

It's far from the prettiest looking Jaguar head with the extra VR-style visor over the typical optics but I thought it conveyed the advanced targeting on the Jaguar somewhat compared with the typical heads on my Grizzlies and Cheetahs.  I had been on the lookout for a third matching head and Ashley came to the rescue recently!

I added a bit of paperclip to represent an antenna as the model is a "thunder" command variant with the satellite uplink modelled around back on the V-engine.  I don't know when or even if I'll paint these up but Ashley's blog is scratching the RAFM painting itch with frequent updates.  With this squad now officially done and her doing updates as well, I'm a bit motivated to try and do the final Hunter squad for this force.  Initially, I stopped as I noticed a few more Hunter mispacks on top of the issues I was having with the Jaguars but I'll have to re-evaluate the situation with them this upcoming weekend.

Friday, February 24, 2017

SHIELDS UP! Unofficial Star Trek FASA House Rules

I've been working on my unofficial FASA house rules for the past year and have accumulated enough articles to deserve it's own fan rules tab on the right.  Over the past year, I've gotten a few requests from folks to publish the stat sheets as PDF files instead of just images and have added PDF links to the individual articles linked below.  I've reorganized some of the pages below and cleaned up the image quality on a few of the sheets now that I've gotten a bit more practice in creating the FASA-style look of the old books.   As always, thanks to the individual artists who allow me to use their images on the sheets as well as obviously CBS and Paramount for making such a great universe over the past 50 years!

Revised Firing Arcs

Sometime in the future, I also plan on adding a post with the tabletop counters to use the ships on a hex map in actual games.  On a final note, I realized when writing this that it is my 100th published post here so Happy Blog Centennial Anniversary as well!  :)  In celebration of that, I've done some minor cosmetic upgrades to a few things.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Archer Class Scouts... FASA edition!

I've been working on this one for a while as it is one of the first ships along with Bill Krause's Sentinel that got me to appreciate updated TOS aesthetics and rocket it past even TNG style ships in my personal list of favorites.  The original design of the ship was by Masao Okazaki on his Starfleet Museum website.  He adapted the original version, the Paris class light cruiser, into a scout class for use on the covers of the popular Vanguard series of Star Trek novels by Pocket Books.  I've covered the Archer Class in a way in the past as I've reviewed Scott Bell Fleitas' Saggitarius deck plans in an earlier post.  Scott has kindly allowed me to adapt his images for use on my FASA stat sheets which allowed me to put the finishing touches on this particular edition.  No promotional consideration was given for the use but I do openly consider myself a happy repeat customer of his (and will be reviewing the Sentinel deck plans as well in the future).  If you're interested in learning more about this ship or seeing more of Scott's work, feel free to check out his designs over on

As usual, to get the full size image, just right click and open the pic link below in a new window.  This post will also mark the first time I've included a PDF version of the stat sheet (link below the pic) which has been a request in the past.

On a final note, I'm in the process of updating my Star Trek house rules so look out for an update later this week.  Particularly astute readers may already notice a small preview of what is to come.  :)

Friday, February 10, 2017

Torpedoes Away! Loknar and Andor Class FASA Updates

Here's a slightly different take on the Star Trek FASA stat sheets with some updates to a pair of unique and popular existing starships that were heavy on the missile weapons.  Special thanks goes out to Captshade on deviantart for allowing me to adapt his starship images (and he has a bunch so go check them out at the link!) for my sheets.  Both the Loknar frigate and, to a lesser extent, the Andor light cruiser were in need of some updates so I decided to try a new sheet format with them.  Since they're existing ships, I didn't need to make up a full column of completely new fluff for them nor make multiple versions but rather just a single upgrade stat line for each. has a variety of templates including the old two per page style that the official publishers used for less "important" ships.  While I had hoped to be able to include a paragraph or two of fluff updated for the new version, the stats themselves just barely fit and even that was with a few items trimmed and using the second smallest font available on MSPaint.  Instead, I'll just include some game design ideas and fluff down below in the blog article instead. 

With both the Loknar and the Andor, I had a few requirements that I set for myself when designing the stats.  For the Andor, it absolutely had to stay at Class IX tonnage with a total firepower roughly on par with my other light cruiser, the Sentinel class, and noticeably higher than my Wasp destroyer.  Additionally, I wanted this dedicated combat vessel's total combat efficiency to be about that of the latest Reliant heavy dual role cruiser.  Fortunately, all those goals were met after upgrading several systems, most noticeably the torpedoes.  Fluffwise, this was just a typical upgrade to the mark after having served 5+ years in Starfleet with full production switching over to the new variant at the same numbers.

For the 30+ year old Loknar class, it needed to be a sizable upgrade from the last official variant (the Mk V) but still be below the combat efficiency of the most modern frigates in Starfleet, namely the latest Northhampton and Chandley variants.  I also wanted it to use the relatively underused FWG-2 engines and still maintain a mix of old and new technology.  Ideally, it would hopefully stay at Class X but that was unlikely given the 16,000mt increase in engine mass.  Unfortunately, there was no way to sizeably increase the firepower without also invariably going up to class XI so I prioritized the former.  Astute readers will also notice that I gave the Loknar a platoon of Starfleet marines similar to the company or more other frigates get; I justified this by reasoning that the upgraded tech replaced bulky older variants leading to some extra room that, along with a decrease in cargo space, allowed a platoon of marines to be stationed permanently onboard the ship.  This allowed the newest Loknar variant to fulfill the same boarding party role that frigates designed after it were able to do. Fluffwise, I see this new variant taking over with space docks initially exclusively converting older Loknar variants to at a faster rate instead of producing new ships.

As always, let me know if there are any errors in the sheets and I hope you all enjoy them as well as eventually use them on the tabletop!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

St. Petersburg Class Escort for Star Trek FASA

It's been a while since I did one of these but here is another ship for the old FASA Star Trek starship combat game.  First off, thanks to Masao Okazaki for letting me use his ship designs for the basis of my own sheets.  His Starfleet Museum website (link below) has plenty of cool looking fan designs for ships in both the TOS era and earlier including what ultimately became the Archer class scout used in official Star Trek novels.

I decided to broadly base this escort class ship both thematically and, to a lesser extent with my conversion of Masao's Pyotr Velikiy design, visually on the TOS era Defiant.  It's a small and scrappy warship produced during a time of great need (the Four Year's War) for use against a powerful foe (the Klingon Empire).  I wanted it to be powerful as a small pocket warship but not ridiculously so.  To that end, I put the Mk I's firepower slightly above phsyically larger upgraded destroyers and scouts but still markedly below other dedicated warships like the Loknar frigate and much larger heavy cruisers like the Anton and Connie.  As always, right click on the image and open in a new window to get the full sized version of the pic since blogspot automatically resizes it.  For some reason, that seems to be a very common issue for folks and my most asked question regarding my ship designs!  :)

Monday, February 6, 2017

Adventures in 3D Printing

This is a bit of a retroreview of my initial (and only so far!) foray into 3D printing from about 5 years ago.  After playing through the first two Mass Effect games, I was thoroughly captivated by the universe they created and wanted it to cross over a bit into my tabletop gaming hobby (both minis and RPGs).   The Krogans interested me most (although the Turians weren't far behind!) and I decided to dip my toes into the new waters of 3D model design and printing.  Not being a 3D artist myself, I decided to instead make a "conversion" of my favorite existing Krogan in game model, the Krogan Blood Pact Warlord Garm.  I downloaded the 30 day trial version of 3dsmax and combed various forums and website devoted to pc game modding in order to figure out how to import and then alter the models to my tastes.  Here is the original inspiration for my model (additionally GIMP'ed by myself to incorporate the weapon I added on the model):

It took me a few weeks of hobby free time but eventually I learned how to pose the model to an acceptable degree (it started in the Da Vinci "anatomical" pose), hollow it out to save on 3D printing costs, exaggerate the features for 3D printing's resolution, and most importantly "fix" the model for 3D printing.   I was both playing in and running RPG campaigns at the time using 25-28mm miniatures so I decided to scale the Krogan to match the existing line of Star Wars prepainted miniatures we were using for one of the campaigns.  The alternative, matching a space marine terminator, for the other campaign was cost prohibitive as well especially for a project that I considered a hobby gamble like 3D printing.  That was a few years ago but the reason I'm bringing it up now again is because I converted the miniature further this past week (along with another five year old unfinished 40k conversion!) and realized that it might make an interesting blog post.  Here are the results of printing the model at FUD (frosted ultra detail) on shapeways at the cost at the time of $26 including shipping (minus the left hand that I just converted from a normal fist).

 First, the good news... it worked and I had a 25mm Krogan model!  The bad news was that, even at the then max quality of FUD, I wasn't quite happy with the detail.  The face especially had alot more detail than the resolution of the printing supported and all I could do was put down a primer, thin base color coat, and some thin washes to not obliterate the shallow detail.  I had anticipated that it might be an issue due to my research and had even already "thickened" into acromegalic proportions the face of the 3D model.  Additionally, Shapeways unfortunately printed it "sideways" in the vat leading to half the model having a coarse sandpaper surface texture due to a known side effect of their 3d printing method.   Sadly, I didn't take a picture myself and am unable to find one of the issue online after five years but it was distinctively different from the typical "stepping" you see with large 3D printed models.  The rough texture was, like the Batman villain Two Face, over almost half the model and the result of Shapeways reorienting my model in their bin to fit in with others for maximum profit/models per batch print run.  The sandpaper roughness is a known issue with the process that they use but it typically mitigated by orienting the model so that the "underside" surfaces are the ones that are affected. When they reoriented my model sidesways laying down on his side in their tray, that roughness instead covered half the visible surfaces instead.

Overall, I'd say that the detail at FUD was equal to mid range board game quality.  As you can see next to a 40k (also converted this week!) plastic figure from the same era, there is a notable difference in sharpness and detail.  The edges of the model are a bit soft and rounded instead of the sharp corners modelled and most of the intricate facial detail is gone.  I was able to clean up most of the roughness over large surfaces without losing any appreciable detail so didn't ask/inquire about a replacement.  That said.. at the time on their forums... Shapeways was denying customers replacements for this issue despite the cause being their poor choice of RE-orientation of models printed at their highest quality so I probably wouldn't have gotten a replacement even if I had raised the issue.  This past weekend, I converted the left hand to include a "omnitool blade" from an old D&D prepainted minis model as well as touched up the paint a bit.

In doing updated research for this post, it looks like some of the above has improved in the years since.  When I test added the same model to my cart this week, it actually gave me an option for confirming the model's orientation so the sand paper texture I got should be avoided nowadays.  Additionally, it looks like they've incorporated both a higher resolution material (Frosted Extreme Detail) as well as one that is specifically smother (High Def Acrylate) albeit at a higher price than what I originally paid.   Unlike with other technologies and services that improve over time, it doesn't look like Shapeways has lowered the price of older offerings by passing on the value to consumers but instead just offers improvements at constantly higher prices.  I paid $20 before without shipping and a resized (25% larger so 4.8cm tall instead of 3.8cm) model would cost me $33 at the same quality or $54 at the higher quality.  Dropping the size down and using a slightly less bulky (without the edge thickening I used) and not as upscaled (only 22% larger) earlier version of the model I uploaded without any base or gun, the price drops down to $26 and $42 without shipping.  Unfortunately, I don't see any of those as a reasonable alternative even with the free shipping they now occasionally offer that I previously wasn't an option.  If the pricing changes in the near future, I'll reassess the situation periodically.  With the new video game coming out with higher detail 3d models, I'll be on the lookout for the next Krogan I'd like to potentially add to my collection.