Monday, November 13, 2017

Shields UP! Fanship Framework Four Pack for Star Trek Adventures RPG

Over the past two weeks, I've been working on a set of frameworks for Modiphius' Star Trek Adventures RPG to give TOS fans a bit of variety in the ships they can choose to set their campaigns on beyond just the officially statted out Constitution class.  I decided that I'd combine a few of my favorite fanships from the era into a set similar to what I did with my FASA ships of the same era.  With the permission of various talented artists like Scott Bell-Fleitas, Bill Krause, Chris Freeman, and Masao Okazaki, I've made framework sheets for the Sentinel, Hood, Attucks, and Archer classes for use with Modiphius' new rpg.  Modiphius has also kindly allowed me to modify their official TOS sheets for use on my blog and I've combined them into one easy PDF download as well as linked the individual blog posts below.  Thanks again to all those above for allowing me to use their designs as frankly I don't have any artistic talent of my own.

For those interested in larger images and pdfs of individual ships, just click the tab to the right for my SHIELDS UP! fan rules and you'll find them there.  Let me know if this format works (especially in regards to legible text when printing) in the comments below and thanks for checking it out.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Archer Class Scout Framework for STA

The fourth and final fanship framework in my planned TOS fourpack for STA is the Archer Class.  Designed by Masao Okazaki on the Starfleet Museum and popularized in the Vanguard series of Trek novels, the Archer class was an instant favorite of mine when I got back into Trek expanded lore with my FASA sheets.  It seemed like a great ship to base a fan production or rpg campaign on due to the unique size and role it played compared with normal "hero" ships in Trek.  When Scott Bell-Fleitas of Starship Dynamics came out with his deckplans, I ordered them as soon as possible.  Luckily for me, Masao has allowed me to use his design and Scott his deckplan exterior artwork so I'm able to come out with a framework for this class as well.

At first, I had planned on statting it out with some custom rules to go along with the atypical ship.  My idea was to come up with a "medium ship" trait that gave it some of the benefits and penalties of small craft but only to a limited extent.  I decided that the final result might be a bit too much of a lightweight for a campaign setting and that the custom nature of the rules (especially untested) might turn folks off.  Instead, I utilized the normal rules in the ship section along with one unwritten one from the examples.  The Nova class is an official statted out ship that is the TNG equivalent of the Archer and has roughly 4 less system points than the Intrepid that was developed during roughly the same era.  Though it doesn't state that as an official rule, I decided to incorporate that penalty for the Archer as well.  As always (and especially the case in this atypical framework), feedback would be appreciated.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Hood Class Framework Sheet for Star Trek Adventures

What if you took a grand heavy cruiser designed as the preeminent multirole exploration vessel and kitted it out instead for combat?  That's what Bill Krause did with his Hood Class Battlecruiser 1/350 scale model shown below and I'm happy that he allowed me to adapt his ships yet again for my sheets.

Obviously his physical model is photoshopped into a digital scene but the original scale model is quite impressive as shown in the link above to his WIP thread.  Also, Scott Bell-Fleitas was kind enough again to allow me to use his art from his deckplans (which I highly recommend as an RPG aid as an owner of two sets).  This ship, while still capable as an exploratory vessel, is statted out as a refitted combat bruiser.  While I suppose simply applying the "refit" rules for a few decades could also have depicted the Hood Class, I thought that the changes were significant enough (both in role and superstructure) to be its own class.  Additionally, the "refits" of the Connie are obviously the TMP era Enterprise and subsequent 1701A so I thought it best to further differentiate it from them.

As always, I appreciate feedback on the sheets as the format is still somewhat evolving.  Finally, thanks to Modiphius for allowing me to adapt their TOS era sheet for my favorite fan ships.