Sunday, August 20, 2017

And the Winged Hussar arrived!

Apologies but after I found out about that song and the youtube meme it spawned, I had to incorporate it into the blog somehow!  Hopefully the first test paint job won't turn anyone off.  I've historically been a competent tabletop quality painter and don't have the skill nor the patience to learn the advanced techniques necessary to get to that next tier.  In any case, here is the first test model painted up (but not based):


I ended up going with the polish eagle on the tabard as it didn't look like it clashed too much with the aquilla in the end.  Additionally, I felt the model needed a bit of white in the center as well.  I used decal solvent on most of the decals to mixed results.  It worked well enough along with two relief cuts on the shoulder pads although the ravenwing icon kinked a bit on one side (of course facing the front of the model... and I didn't notice it until I was changing the sword on the decal to a sabre!).  The solvent practically disolved the first eagle I put on the tabard literally in front of my eyes to a splotchy dull off white so I had to rinse that one off in pieces; I suppose FOW decals aren't compatible with testors decal solvent although GW ones are.  The air force symbol wouldn't fit properly on the knee cap and was too small to put relief cuts into so I put it diagonally as a diamond instead of the historical square.

I don't expect to change the overall scheme much on the second model although I think I will change the order of painting operations significantly the second time around.  Washing and highlighting the base armor was a PITA after the rest of the models was done so I think I'll do all the steps involved in the silver/chainmail armor itself (base coat, lighter top coat, two washes, cleanup and occasional edge highlighting) before I touch the rest of the parts/colors.  Decalwise, I might switch to the slightly larger sized ravenwing decal for the chapter symbol as there is alot of blank red space on that side as well.

Keeping in mind my slightly better than tabletop quality skill level, I'd love to hear other possible tips that I could use.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Armpit shields at 100%, Captain! (Winged Hussar update)

It took some time but I lucked out in that I got all the bits I needed to finish these two models and did some hobby work finally.   I was able to cut off the Blood Angel specific bits from the rondel shields and I think they fit sizewise well over the axillae.  Since this model will likely be a champion, I added on a relic bolter along with a 1mm craft jewelry chain as a shoulder strap.  I'm curious to know if anyone thinks the model looks a bit too busy with all that added on.  Finally, I did end up switching the wings on my two test models and definitely prefer this combo even if they're slightly less durable overall.  I primed the earlier model already and, at least on that model, my reglues don't look too bad after scraping off any residue nor does my gap filling attempt with the putty look too bad once painted over. 

I've also been putting more thought into my custom chapter symbols and markings.  None of my three attempts to get in contact with Plastic Soldier Company resulting in any response so using the Armoured Hussar logo is out for me as I don't know the appropriate size/measurements.  Using the polish eagle is both a bit on the nose IMO as well as would clash a bit with the aquilla as well but I may use it occasionally as a squad or campaign marking instead but definitely not on every model.  Another option I came up with would be to adapt the ravenwing icon into looking like a winged saber.  This option would be relatively free (I have a decent amount of decals from 2nd ed and up) and easy to accomplish as additional benefits on top of also being thematic.

Next up I'll finally be painting the first model as well as test fitting parts to my two lance armed honor guard models.

Friday, August 11, 2017

The Shiva Destroyer...sometimes one is better than two!

Scott Bell-Fleitas has done it again and is working on another cool looking set of starship plans.  This time, however, it's an original design of his.  I was interested in varying the style of ships I've featured and was already working on a single nacelle design of my own when he posted his first WIP shot.  It was obviously leagues better than my own and he let me use his work instead for this sheet.

He's not quite done yet so the link above is to his Amazon storefront instead of to the potential future product.  I like how he expanded on the classic Franz Joseph technical manual Saladin/Hermes ship style and updated it to more modern yet classic TOS asthetics.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

That was quick... Primaris Sabres have arrived!

Since my last hobby update, I ordered and received the second Lieutenant from the Dark Imperium starter set and finished mostly converting him to a Winged Hussar as well.  I decided that he needed a sword as well and that the original sword wasn't "sabre" enough (it reminded me of a katana) for my liking so I ordered some bits off of an internation ebay seller.  The bits arrived from Europe alot quicker then I expected and I did my best impersonation of an Iron Hand apothecary tonight with some amputations.  I personally like the sharper, thinner look to the weapons as I think they look definitely less kitbashy and more like the sabres that inspired them.  I had to admit though that they are extremely thin resin pieces so both models should definitely be labeled as fragile/handle with care.  I already had to reglue last night a wing just holding a bit too tight while removing the previous mould lines. 

I'm taking my time with this to not make any rash decisions in modeling (something that happened in my previous truescale attempt as I rapidly went from step to step in the same night) but I have to admit I'm still second guessing myself a bit.  I chose the curved wings for the more serious Lt because their shape was sturdier on that model and vice versa but I think I prefer the wings the other way around.  Also, I'm considering adding on a Rondel (or Besagew) to each axilla of the champion Lt (the other model won't accommodate them due to the shape).  I had to look up the name but they're the circular discs that protect the vulnerable armpit in plate armor.

Just like before, these are just quick mockups made from slicing off the tips of left over sprue pegs and not the final bits.   If anyone has any ideas on what parts to use for the rondels or even if they shouldn't be used at all, feel free to comment below.