Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Crisis Suits - old and new

I worked on both my existing Tau army a bit over the weekend as well as the next addition to my Farsight enclave ally force.

First up is my new-ish Tau commander that previously was a standard fireknife loadout (plasma rifle/missile pod) but is now a weaponless "Buffmander" with numerous support and signature systems that buff the unit he is attached to.  With him are two new converted markerlight drones to help him with his new role.

Next to him you can see the converted fireknife enforcer suit as well.  This picture shows the size and proportion differences between the two sculpts.  I cut and reposed both legs to allow him to lean to the right.  The left leg just needed some glue but the right ball socket hip joint needed to be constructed with green stuff and my meagre sculpting skills after reposing.  The missile pod is actually a left over tank bit from my Heavy Gear collection.   Next up should be the final enforcer crisis suit for my Farsight killteam.

After that, I'll have to figure out which of my three unfinished projects will actually be finished first.  I'm leaning toward the Tau above but I'm open to both the 28mm VOTOMS and Space Wolf Primarchs as well.  Let me as always know in the comments if there is a blog follower favorite.


  1. Thanks. I've actually changed the new unpainted model's weapon loadout since the pic to twin plasma guns (the arm weapon) and assembled the final one but haven't gotten the chance to post the pics. Heavy Gear definitely influenced my original Tau army's choice of mech suit weapons which is why I ended up with so many shoulder mounted missile and arm/hand mounted gun combo loadouts. That also luckily made sense with the previous rules as well but that isn't the case any more. With the current rules, it's alot better to specialize against one type of target instead of using the previous HG inspired generalist combo.

    I just hope now that I'm pretty much done building that my enthusiasm holds out to start and finish the painting as well. I pinky swore that I won't move onto another project before finishing at least one of the (now) three ongoing ones at the painting stage.